The best music schools in the USA

Without music world would be sadder place. For centuries it has been a part of people’s existence and rituals. To deal with it you need talent, to turn it into your life path, you need also education. Every year hundreds of young people apply in the most prestigious and quality music schools in USA. And here are the top 5 of them:

  1. Jacobs School of Music

    It is a part of the Indiana University. Jacobs School is famous as the best school to learn music in. It doesn’t only offer classes in playing instruments but also in composition; conducting; music librarianship; percussion and vocal performance. Every year about 1,600 students attend the classes in Jacobs and have the opportunity to be part of its operatic productions (six per every school year). The attendee here pay high fees to study in such institution but the school awards yearly $5 million in scholarships and $280 million in federal funding and loans. If you are a musician of any kind you’ll have the chance to work with some of the 13 choirs; 8 wind bands; ensemble for contemporary music and 7 symphonic orchestras.

  2. Curtis Institute of Music

    Being free doesn’t mean being available; CIM is one of the most selective schools in the world – less than one of 20 gets in. Curtis Institute keeps the tradition of free education since 1924 when the school was established. Its prestige stands on the number of famous musicians that acquired their education in the conservatory.

  3. Juilliard School

    This is a name that creates an image – from prizewinning students to excellent worldwide famous faculty – everything in Juilliard glows. Only 8% of the applicants get to cross the gates of the education in that school.

  4. School of Music, Theater, and Dance

    This is a state-sponsored college with emphasis on classical saxophone programs and musical theater. It is part of the University of Michigan and among its alumni you can spot Madonna and Iggy Pop. After the graduation here students can go to professional symphony or Broadway with advantage.

  5. Yale School of Music

    This free college is for graduate students only. Its alumni are scattered all over the world in all possible positions connected t music.

The best Russian universities

The education is something very important in state’s politics and Russian education has a long story of excellence in different fields. Despite the political situation, the benefits you will get from studying in the multinational giant Russia worth the efforts. No matter what criteria you will use to choose your school, there are a couple that you need to give some attention:

  1. Lomonosov Moskow State University.

    This institution of higher education was established more than two and a half centuries ago by the famous Russian poet Mikhail Lomonosov. LMSU has 15 research centers and 39 faculties. It is Alma Mater to over 50,000 students and it has over 6,000 tutors and professors. The campus covers 1 million sq. m., a hundred structures and buildings. In Lomonosov University’s dormitories are living around 12,000 students every year. MSU’s library houses 9 million books. It also is known to have the tallest study building in the world.

  2. Saint Petersburg State University.

    This is the oldest university in Russia, established in 1724 by Peter the Great. SPSU comprises of 13 research institutes, 22 faculties and 6 other colleges and departments. The teaching stuff numbers 5,800 people and the SPSU’s campuses are located in Peterhof and on the Vasilievski Island. The list of notable alumni of this university include two of the Russian presidents – Medvedev and Putin. In SPSU study over 32,000 students every year.

  3. Bauman Moskow State Technical University.

    The first technical university of Russia was established in 1830 and it is an heir of the Educational Imperial House founded by Catherine the Great in 1763. BMSTU is focused on applied sciences and various fields of engineering. Every year through BMSTU’s doors pass around 20,000 students and the teaching staff numbers about 3,500 professors and lectors. Baumanka, as you can hear people calling the university, houses 19 specialized departments full-time . The full studying cycle in BMTSU takes 6 years and only one tenth of the applicants can enter the university. The process of admission consists of three exams – Russian, math and physics. Baumanka conducts 90scientific programs and takes part in the innovational programs of over 32 companies.

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